KU Leuven organized the 2nd Summer School on Security and Privacy in the Age of AI (19–22 September 2023, Leuven, Belgium)

31 October 2023
Summer School
Summer School

Author: Davy Preuveneers / KU Leuven


This summer school gathers young researchers and seasoned experts to zoom into security and privacy aspects of the flourishing area of machine learning. On the one hand, we consider strengthening security and privacy solutions with advanced AI; on the other hand, we want to drive state-of-the-art ML to higher security and privacy levels. The primary goal of the summer school is to propel progress towards pragmatic and sound research methodologies, while simultaneously guiding and supporting the next generation of researchers in their early stages. Additionally, the program aims to establish stronger ties between academia and industry, ultimately fostering a stronger, more interconnected research community.


The ‘Security and Privacy in the Age of AI’ summer school, spanning four days, offered an engaging and diverse program tailored to a wide audience. The event featured lectures from renowned speakers, each day delving into different aspects. The topics covered included the fundamentals of machine learning in cybersecurity on day one, followed by applied machine learning in security and privacy on day two. Day three focused on best practices and industry impact, and the final day explored frontiers, advanced concepts, and the future trajectory of these fields. Here is an overview of the organizers and lecturers:


Organizing chairs:

  • Dr. Lorenzo Cavallaro (University College London)
  • Dr. Wouter Joosen (KU Leuven, DistriNet)
  • Vera Rimmer (KU Leuven, DistriNet)



  • Dr. Fabio Roli (University of Genova, University of Cagliari)
  • Dr. Michel van Eeten (TU Delft)
  • Dr. Battista Biggio (University of Cagliari)
  • Dr. Peggy Valcke (KU Leuven, CiTiP)
  • Kathrin Grosse (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Giovanni Cherubin (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
  • Marc Juarez (University of Edinburgh)
  • Franziska Boenisch (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security)
  • Maura Pintor (University of Cagliari)
  • Fabio Pierazzi (King’s College London)
  • Sofie Royer (KU Leuven, CiTiP)
  • Luca Demetrio (University of Genoa)


More details about the event, including the detailed program and pictures of the event, can be found at on the website of the summer school:



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