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Engineering Group is one of the main actors in the digital transformation of both public and private companies and organisations, with an innovative range of services for the main market segments. With 40+ locations (in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and USA), the Engineering Group designs, develops, and manages innovative solutions for the areas of business where digitalisation generates major change, such as Digital Finance, Smart Government & E-Health, Augmented City, Digital Industry, Smart Energy & Utilities, and Digital media & Communication. With its activities and projects, the Group is helping to modernise the world in which we live and work, combining specialist skills in the final frontier of technologies, technological infrastructures organised in a unique hybrid multi-cloud model, and the ability to interpret new business models. With important investments in R&D, Engineering plays a leading role in research, coordinating national and international projects and participating in international networks playing the dual role of promoting research on software at an international level and transferring innovation to the production cycle of the business structures.

Role in the Project

ENG is leader of WP4 “Defence strategies for AI systems empowerment”. It will also be responsible for D2.2 “Report on a threat-risk assessment framework in cyber-physical systems in the era of artificial intelligence” and it will contribute to the analysis of social engineering attacks. ENG will be responsible for development of D4.1 “Tools for improved response based on autonomous AI detectors and defenders”. Finally, ENG will host the KINAITICS integration environment.

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Last name: Angelini
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Key people on the project

Mr. Marco Angelini is graduated as an engineer from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He works at Engineering’s R&D labs since 2014, initially in the healthcare domain and then in the cybersecurity team since 2018. He is certified Prince2® Practitioner and SCRUM Master. His background includes business analysis, focused on requirements engineering. He has been involved in national and international research projects. He has gained a deep knowledge of H2020 projects and their processes. In the context of the HERMENEUT and COMPACT projects, he led the management aspects and acted as PMO. He’s now coordinating the Engineering research team involved in both CyberSec4Europe and KINAITICS projects and he is also PMO of CyberSEAS project.

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Mr. Vincenzo Napolitano : Currently he working as Cyber Security Researcher at Innovation and Research Labs. Resilience grower, his experience has been focused on cyber risk assessment (IT and OT), Social Engineering assessment, and experimenting with the possibility to power such assessment by leveraging Machine Learning and NLP analysis. As Technical Manager, besides the integration design activities, he also analyze security solutions that meet end-user requirements, especially following “privacy” and “security” by design paradigms. Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Threat Hunting, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Risk Governance, Incident Response, and Adversary simulation

Vincenzo Napolitano Engineering

Mr. Maurizio Casciano graduated as a doctor in Computer Science at the University of Salerno, Italy. In 2017 he joined the Cyber Security research unit of the R&D Department at Engineering as a researcher and developer. He contributed to the design and development of different H2020 and EIT Digital projects, such as DOGANA, HERMENEUT, COMPACT, InfraStress, 7SHIELD, PrOTectME and CitySCAPE. During these projects, he gained experience in IT & OT Cyber Risk Assessment, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Financial Impact Assessment and Social Engineering. His main technical skills and expertise include Java, Python, Spring-Boot, FastAPI, MongoDB, Angular, OpenAPI, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Keycloak, Kafka, Task, Git, Linux, Docker, Apache HTTP Server, GitLab, Jenkins and Nexus.

Maurizio Casciano Engineering