3rd KINAITICS Meeting and General Assembly in Cagliari (18-19 September). Successful consortium participation both online and on site

25 September 2023

Author: Valentina Del Rio / Pluribus One


In the beautiful island of Sardinia, in Cagliari, the third Kinaitics plenary meeting took place on September 18 and 19, 2023.

A number of key issues were resolved during the consortium meeting hosted by Pluribus One, and several crucial operational and strategic decisions were made.

The consortium shared constructive ideas and inputs during the hybrid meeting (which included face-to-face and remote interactions), provided thoughtful analysis, and focused on finding solutions that would benefit the project as a whole.

In addition to streamlining the processes and improving the efficiency, several key operational progresses were also made. Particularly, the meeting proved that the project was capable of working collaboratively and effectively.

The progress of the project use cases, the upcoming events, the next meetings, and possible dissemination opportunities have been discussed in detail.

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