Profile & expertise

PLURIBUS ONE, founded in 2015 and born as a spin-out of the Pattern Recognition and Applications (PRA) Lab at Univ. Cagliari, is a research-intensive company, focused on providing innovative solutions and services for cyber security. It is in fact a vendor of trustworthy AI/ML solutions for cyber security.

Our leading product” Seerbox” is an AI/ML-based Web Application Security Manager with Active installations among Regional Governments, e-commerce, Banks, Transport, Education.

Additionally, we recently certified with the ISO 27001 Certified software development process.

The company has also a very strong track record of EU/national research projects

Relevant Projects:

  1. STARLIGHT – – The project focuses on increasing the awareness, capability, adoption, and long-term impact of AI in Europe for LEAs. Law enforcement agencies’ (LEAs) data-rich environments provide the opportunity to adopt AI tools and capabilities that improve investigatory practices and limit the criminal misuse of AI. Through STARLIGHT, LEAs will collaboratively develop their autonomy and resilience in the use of AI for tackling major criminal threats.
  2. ELSA –  The goal of the project is to establish a new pillar for the European AI lighthouse on safe and secure AI. In order to reinforce European leadership in safe and secure AI technology, The project is proposing a virtual center of excellence on safe and secure AI that is geared towards addressing the major challenges hampering the deployment of AI technology. The grand challenges are of fundamental nature and therefore can only be addressed in a sustainable manner by a lighthouse that is built on top of scientific excellence and rigorous methodology. With a focus on technical robustness and safety, privacy preserving techniques and infrastructures as well as human agency and oversight, Elsa is shaping the future of safe and secure AI toward trustworthiness.
  3. SIMARGL – Secure Intelligent Methods for Advanced Recognition of Malware and Stegomalware. The SIMARGL project is about the development of an intelligent platform for the detection of malware and stegomalware. Pluribus One participates to the project being responsible for the exploitation work-package, and contributing from a technical standpoint with its expertise on adversarial machine learning and integrating its solution into the SIMARGL platform.
  4. AIDA – Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics for Law Enforcement agencies. The AIDA project aims to deliver a descriptive and predictive data analytics platform and related tools using state-of- the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to prevent, detect, analyze, and combat criminal activities. AIDA focus on cybercrime and terrorism, by addressing specific challenges related to law enforcement investigation and intelligence.
  5. AssureMOSS – Assurance and certification in secure Multi-party Open Software and Services. AssureMOSS proposes to switch from process-based to an artefact-based security evaluation by supporting all phases of the continuous software lifecycle (Design, Develop, Deploy, Evaluate and back) their artefacts (Models, Source code, Container images, Services). The key idea is to support mechanisms for lightweigth and scalable screenings applicable automatically to the entire population of software components by
    • Machine intelligent identification of security issues across artifacts,
    • Sound analysis and verification of changes by tracing the security and privay side effects,
    • Business insight by risk analysis and security evaluation.

    PLURIBUS ONE contributes with its background on secure and explainable machine learning, contributing to the development of a machine learning component for lightweight code analysis in order to search vulnerability in the source code. PLURIBUS ONE is also responsible for defining the tool flow evaluation plan and a comprehensive risk management strategy. In addition PLURIBUS ONE is involved into the Dissemination and Communication activities and contributes the communication activity with the EC officers.

  6. TESTABLE – Testability-driven Security And pRivacy testing for Web Applications. TESTABLE addresses the grand challenge of building and maintaining modern web-based and AI-powered application software secure and privacy-friendly. TESTABLE intends to lay the foundations for a new integration of security and privacy into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), by proposing a novel combination of two metrics to quantify the security and privacy risks of a program, i.e., the code testability and vulnerable behavior indicators. Based on the novel concept of “testability patterns”, TESTABLE empowers the SDLC actors (e.g., software/AI developers, managers, testers, and auditors) to reduce the risk by building better security and privacy testing techniques for classical and AI-powered web applications, and removing or mitigating the impact of the patterns causing the high-risk levels. In this project PLURIBUS ONE coordinates the definition of AI/ML testing scenarios for AI/ML developers, and their implementation and integration with existing software development lifecycles. PLURIBUS ONE also works on the definition and identification of the corresponding testability patterns, related to the use of AI/ML models within web applications. In addition, PLURIBUS ONE contributes to the validation of the AI/ML testing tools developed. PLURIBUS ONE is also involved in technology transfer and integration of TESTABLE’s prototypes and AI/ML testing into its products. It also contributes to the scientific dissemination of the project results in the area of AI/ML security and privacy.”

Role in the Project

In addition to developing the use case in the financial sector with Numera, Pluribus One has the leadership of WP7 on Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation, which has the goals of raising awareness for the research carried out within the project and promoting the scientific knowledge generated during it.



First name: Valentina Barbara
Last name: Del Rio
Phone number: 0039 3478259134
Organisation website:

Key people on the project

Luca Piras,PhD
Co-founder & Project Manager

Dr Davide Ariu (M) is CEO and Co-founder of PLURIBUS ONE. He got a PhD degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2010 and an M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering in 2006, both from the University of Cagliari. During his PhD, he has been visiting student at the Georgia Tech Information Security Center, working with Prof. Roberto Perdisci and Prof. Wenke Lee. He has always focused his research on machine learning applications to Computer Security, having published more than 25 papers in peer-reviewed conferences, journals, and workshops. Over the years, he worked on network-based intrusion detection, malware detection, and passive DNS analysis. He regularly serves as a reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals and regularly speaks during cyber security webinars organized by the Italian Chapter of ISC2. He is responsible for coordinating the company’s participation in R&D projects, having previously covered the role of Project Manager for the projects ILLBuster ( and CyberROAD ( Over his career, he participated in more than 10 R&D European projects. He operates as a senior cyber security consultant individually and for several Pluribus One customers.

Davide Pluribus One

Luca Piras,PhD
Co-founder & Project Manager

Dr. Luca Piras (M) is Operation Manager and Co-founder of PLURIBUS ONE. He received the MSc Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2007 and the Doctor Europaeus and the PhD Degree in Computer Engineering, respectively in 2011, both from the University of Cagliari. His background is in the Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning areas. His research interests include interactive search techniques for content-based image retrieval, multimedia retrieval and lifelog moment retrieval. The results of his research activities have been published in several international, peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Within Pluribus One he is also Project Manager for several EU-funded R&D projects. In the H2020 AIDA project he holds the role of responsible for the Software Verification and Validation Plan.

Luca Pluribus One

Valentina Del Rio,
Project Manager

With a degree in sinology, she began her Project Manager career in Shanghai almost 12 years ago at a global leader in e-learning. While managing a team of software developers, she successfully completed more than 100 projects mastering Agile methodologies.
As a result of this experience, she learned the importance of being organized and having a plan in place for every eventuality.
It was in her last role as Operations Coordinator that she was responsible for creating KPIs, planning and analysing strategic plans.
Her roles in both positions have provided her with extensive international experience, enabling her to be dynamic, flexible, open-minded, and always remain positive.
Her extensive experience in Operations and Management is complemented by excellent proficiency in Italian and English, as well as advanced levels in Chinese and German.

alentina Pluribus One

Stefania Casula
Administrative Director

Originally from Cagliari, Stefania Casula graduated from the local University in September 2021 with a degree in Management Economics where her dissertation focused on Project Management techniques and compared with real experiences, and she has also obtained the Introductory Certificate in Project Management issued by IPMA (certificate n. 2168) in 2018. She worked as an accountant for about ten years in different companies, especially Ltds and cooperatives.

Currently working with Pluribus on international H2020 and HE projects, in particular monitoring and controlling effort and costs, continuous reporting on the F&T portal, interim reporting, and administrative tasks relating to financial requests. Among her responsibilities are coordinating the work groups focused on the contribution to deliverables, collecting information from and controlling timesheets, analyzing variances between planned and effective activities, and monitoring risks, combining the results of multiple projects to have a company-wide overview. Besides that, she is in charge of all the administrative activities for the company, such as human resources management, cash-flow monitoring, coordinating with suppliers, collaborators, and employees. Throughout her 15-year career, she developed skills about problem solving and refined her attention to deadlines.

Stefania Pluribus One

Matteo Mauri
Dissemination Manager

Matteo Mauri is dissemination, exploitation and communication manager at Pluribus One. Sometimes copywriter, sometimes a webmaster, other times web & graphic designer, and social media manager in spare time, he is basically a content planner in love with science.

Graduated in Communication Sciences and Research, currently he collaborates with public and private structures and in the last 8 years he has been involved in more than 15 European Projects in several research fields.

Within these projects he is often responsible for branding, digital communication, website design and editing, newsletter management, social media management, dissemination planning and reporting.

He has been dissemination manager and WP leader in the following European projects related to cybersecurity, taking care of both visual and management aspects of the projects:

  • ILLBUSTER – Buster of ILLegal contents spread by malicious computer networks –
  • DOGANA – aDvanced sOcial enGineering And vulNerability Assessment –
  • LETSCROWD – Law Enforcement agencies human factor methods and Toolkit for the Security and protection of CROWDs in mass gatherings –
    He has been task leader (within dissemination, communication and exploitation Work Packages) in the following European projects related to cybersecurity:
  • CYBERROAD – Development of the Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism research roadmap –
  • ALOHA – Software framework for runtime-Adaptive and secure deep Learning On Heterogeneous Architectures –
  • SIMARGL – Secure Intelligent Methods for Advanced Recognition of Malware and Stegomalware –
Matteo Pluribus One