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General terms and conditions of website access and use

The purpose of the KINAITICS website is to provide information about KINAITICS’s activities. Site navigation and use of the information it holds must comply with the General terms and conditions of use. All users must read the general terms and conditions of use before using the website. If you disagree with any of the provisions herein, you must leave the website.

The KINAITICS consortium, represented by CEA and Benkei, cannot be held liable for the website’s temporary unavailability brought about by maintenance or upgrades to the website, or caused by technical reasons beyondKINAITICS’s control. The KINAITICS consortium reserves the right to modify, suspend or remove any component of the website at any time resulting in the unavailability of website functionality or content, in which event users are not entitled to any form of compensation. Similarly, the KINAITICS consortiumreserves the right to refuse you access to the website.


Intellectual property rights

The information contained on this website, registered trademarks, logos, software, texts, images, graphics and the database and the website structure are the exclusive property of the KINAITICS consortium and protected by the French Intellectual Property Code.

You may download, copy or print a page from the website for your own personal use only, and provided you comply with copyright and attribute ownership. Any use for commercial purposes or any public distribution is prohibited. Under no circumstances do you have permission to edit or delete website content. Any use not expressly mentioned herein is not permitted and requires the KINAITICS consortium’s written agreement in advance.

You are not permitted to (i) reproduce the KINAITICS project’s trademarks and logos, (ii) use or extract all or part of the databases used by the website, (iii) use any programs used by the website, or (iv) publish any material of any kind online that might infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.


Personal data

The Data Controller is defined in the header (legal notice).

The KINAITICS consortium does not collect any data (name, address, telephone number, email address or Java applets) that directly identifies you as you navigate the website, with the exception of cookies, unless you have blocked their placement, and the technical data (logs) necessary for access to the site or traceability.

Data in mandatory fields that you provide to us is necessary for the KINAITICS consortium to process your request, and the optional data enables us to deliver a more relevant response to your request; your consent to this is expressly given by contacting us by means of the form.

When your request concerns a cross-functional activity or a subsidiary’s activity, your data is likely to be transferred to the data controller for the relevant subsidiary.

By agreeing to receive electronic communications about the KINAITICS consortium, you may receive various information about the KINAITICS consortium’s activities or events the KINAITICS consortium is organising.

In accordance with current applicable regulations, you have the right to access, restrict processing and correct data held about you, and to data portability. If you wish to exercise this right and see the data held about you, please contact

You may also challenge the processing of data held about you if you have legitimate grounds to do so.

You can also withdraw your consent to the future processing of data held about you. Under such circumstances, any processing subsequent to said withdrawal will be deemed unlawful. Please contact

You can also submit a complaint to our local DPO or to our Group DPO (in English or French) if you believe that the processing of your data is in breach of the applicable legislation.

The provision of identifying data (your surname and first name) and contact data (email address) is necessary for us to provide you with a response to your request. We cannot respond to your request without this data. Providing other data is optional.

You can also find more information about the KINAITICS consortium’s processing of personal data by reading the privacy policy available on the website.



Cookies (files used to optimise navigation on the website or to recognise a user) are used solely for the purposes of managing the website’s computer system and analysing the use made of it (measuring traffic, user clickthroughs, etc.). They are kept no more than 13 months.

Audience measurement cookies (statistics)

These cookies are used to collect information about how unidentified visitors navigate our website. The statistics tool used is Google Analytics.

Pardot cookies

These cookies are used to collect behavioural data related to an identified contact.

Users are reminded they can delete cookies or prevent cookies being placed on their computer by altering the settings of their computer and/or browser software. However, it is reiterated that blocking cookies may prevent you from benefiting from all the website’s functionalities.

Cookies can be managed directly from your browser.

Apple Safari browser

The “Privacy” section under the “Preferences” menu, then “Cookies and website data”.

Google Chrome browser

The “Privacy” section under the “Settings” menu, then the “Content settings” sub-section, dedicated “Cookies and site data”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser

“Tools” menu, “Internet options” section, then “General” then: “Browser history”, then “Settings” and the “Temporary Internet files and website files” window, and lastly “Display files”.

Mozilla Firefox browser

“Tools” menu, “Options” section, “Privacy” sub-section, “Delete specific cookies” function.

Sharing cookies on social media

Our website contains content-sharing links to Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networks, enabling you to share our website’s content with other people. When you use these share buttons, a third-party cookie may be installed. Management of sharing cookies is beyond the KINAITICS consortium’s control and is dependent on the terms and conditions of use and privacy policy of each such social network.


This website contains links to other websites likely to interest you. The KINAITICS consortium is under no obligation to check or approve such sites or their content, or to guarantee that links are operational and up-to-date. We accept no responsibility for the content of these sites and you bear sole responsibility for using such links.

Any problem, complaint or dispute concerning this website will be governed by the laws of France. The courts of Nanterre have sole jurisdiction in the event of litigation.


The KINAITICS consortium reserves the right to update these provisions (legal notices and the general terms and conditions of site access and use) at any time depending on changes to the content of the website. We therefore ask all users to read this page every time they visit the website.