KINAITICS 2nd Hackathon – June 2024 – Vicomtech

Second Hackathon Event to be organised remotely on 3rd June 2024

TECNOSEC Exhibition & Congress – May 2024 – VICOM

TECNOSEC  an Exhibition & Congress of High Police, Security Institutions and Critical Infrastructure, which offers a unique national and international opportunity to generate contacts and share knowledge about the latest advances in security, intelligence and resilience with Spanish suppliers, government technicians and key decision-makers in the various bodies responsible for public and anti-terrorist security and critical infrastructure.

Vicomtech participated in the roundtable on “Al in the security domain: Automation of processes before the crime, support in criminologist and forensics in treating large volumes of information”. In its booth, Vicomtech discuss the major achievements obtained in related European projects in which it is involved, such as FALCON, CEDAR, KINAITICS, ATLANTIS, LAGO.

INOC Conference – March 2024 – VICOM

VICOM presented the work/abstract developed under WP5 and called “Generation of Industrial Protocol Traffic via Enhanced Wasserstein GAN” at the International Network Optimization Conference (INOC) 2024.

EU CYBER ACTS Conference – March 2024 – Pluribus

KINAITICS results were disseminated during the EU CYBER ACTS conference in 11-13 March 2024.

ITADATA – September 2023 – Pluribus One

KINAITICS was also presented during the 2nd Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science organized by CINI in Naples in September 2023. The conference covered theoretical and practical research and application pertaining to data, and also in related domains where data and data science technologies are key and finally it analysed the evolution of big data and data science at EU and national level.

ECSO – European Cyber Security Organisation – September 2023 – Engineering

KINAITICS results were disseminated during the ECSO’s September 2023 edition of the Cybersecurity Awareness Calendar.

KINAITICS 1st Hackathon – July 2023 – Vicomtech

First Hackathon Event organised remotely on 20th July 2023

CyberJourney – Europe Edition – June 2023 – Pluribus One

A special focus was placed on EU-funded cybersecurity research at Pluribus’ highly regarded Cyber Journey event in Sardinia on June 22nd 2023. The entire event focused on software security and solutions that enable software security. A roundtable has been organized to discuss the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity and their security.

In the round table discussion, KINAITICS outlined the project vision and what the consortium expects to achieve over the next two years.

VivaTech – June 2023 – Pluribus One

KINAITICS results were disseminated during a major European technology event, Viva Technology that took place from June 14-17 2023 and is considered one of the most important in the industry. During this technological festival, start-ups, technological leaders, investors and companies from all over the world are invited to present the major challenges and solutions in this field. The Viva Technology event featured speakers and panellists from leading companies in the industry who discussed the latest trends defining the field of innovation and technology.