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21 June 2023
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Author: Valentina Del Rio / Pluribus One


Why is cybersecurity so important?

Are all cyber attacks that sophisticated?

What can we do to protect our data and technologies?


Few other sectors have gone as quickly as that of information security, from being a topic of interest for a few to a continuous object of common attention and of the main information media.

And is thus as important as it has never been before to raise awareness on the topic. For this reason, PLURIBUS ONE, a KINAITICS partner, has started organizing, in 2023, event “Cyber Journey” ( It is a physical event, organized in Cagliari (ITALY), and is an opportunity to discover this rapidly growing sector, to understand the dynamics and techniques that guide modern attacks, and what are the fundamental steps to correctly set up and execute defense activities, keeping a constant eye on regulatory references who must guide the carrying out of this activity.

The first edition of the event took place on the 31st of March, 2023,  with the participation of players like SAP, MICROSOFT, TRELLIX, and the coverage of some of the hottest cybersecurity topics. In a full-day event, participants had the opportunity to understand the fundamental factors driving cybercrime, analyze how central is the role of threat intelligence in preventing, detecting, and mitigating effectively cyber attacks, and how banking malware is affecting modern mobile operating systems. Topics related to compliances and effective risk management and business continuity matters have been also covered.

The event has been a great public success, with more than 140 people registered and about 110 participating.

The second edition of Cyber Journey will take place next June 22nd.

PLURIBUS ONE has named it “Europe Edition”, as it will be the opportunity to foster cooperation and exchange ideas matured in the context of EU-funded research projects. The event is promoted by the H2020 AssureMOSS consortium (, which in the last three years has been working to improve the security of Open Source Software,  researching how to improve testing, risk management, and certification capabilities. And thus, the whole event will have the security of the software and the solutions enabling software security as the main topic. The OWASP Foundation, the de facto reference organization for Software Security, has participated in the organization of the event through its Italian Chapter and promoting a public call for talks. Partners from the H2020 project TESTABLE ( will participate as well. TESTABLE aims to improve the testing capabilities of Web Applications, to reduce the risk that undetected vulnerabilities remain in the software, and thus to make it more secure. The TESTABLE consortium will publicly present the project on TESTABILITY patterns for Web Applications ( which is directly maintained and supported by TESTABLE.

As Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are key enabling technologies in software security a round table where applications of Machine Learning and AI in Cybersecurity and the Security of AI and Machine Learning technologies have been organized. During the 45 minutes discussion, possible current and future applications of AI in cybersecurity will be described, both on the offensive and defensive side. KINAITICS will provide its point of view on this matter during the round table, describing the vision of the project and the results that the consortium expects to achieve in the next two years. Cedric Gouy Pailler, project coordinator, will participate in the round table. Other speakers will be Fabio Massacci (professor at the University of Trento and AssureMOSS Coordinator), Enrico Frumento (Senior Cybersecurity Researcher at CEFRIEL), and Maura Pintor (Researcher at the University of Cagliari and in PLURIBUS ONE).

Finally, ENISA will be also participating in the event,

describing the legislation and regulatory efforts that Europe is making to make the digital world more secure.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required.

All the details, including the agenda, the list of speakers, and the registration form, are available on the event website