2ND KINAITICS Meeting and General Assembly in Pisa (20-21 March). Successful consortium participation and decisions taken

24 March 2023

Authors: Matteo Mauri and Valentina Del Rio / Pluribus One


The second KINAITICS plenary meeting successfully took place in Pisa, on March 20 and 21.

During the meeting, hosted by the Italian partner Fondazione Monasterio, the consortium partners were able to make significant progress on a number of key issues, and several important operative and strategic decisions were taken. The meeting, organized in a hybrid mode (with face to face and remote interactions) was marked by constructive dialogue among around 30 attendees; it included thoughtful analysis, and a strong commitment to finding solutions that would benefit all parties involved.


Among the decisions made were several key operational progresses that will help streamline our processes and improve our efficiency. In particular, the meeting was a clear demonstration of the project’s ability to work collaboratively and effectively towards the shared goals on these topics:

  • Project use cases
  • Forthcoming events, meetings, dissemination opportunities.


In particular, in the next months the project will focus its research and development activities on these use cases:

  • URANIE simulations security: secure computer simulations during long computations
  • Healthcare and Phishing email to steal EHR data: AI-based attack and protection of database using behaviour monitoring
  • AI-driven web application firewall security: API services security through ai-based monitoring
  • Rails structural health monitoring security: distributed representation learning in physical measurements systems
  • Healthcare data evasion/attack during AI training or inference: poisoning attacks at training and evasion inference
  • CBRN security against spectrum masking, evasion attacks on embedded devices (robot inspection).

Furthermore, and stay tuned on our channels, the first four use cases (in bold in the previous list) will be preliminary tested during the KINAITICS first Hackathon: it will be held online on July 20th 2023 and involve Machine Learning and cybersecurity experts, practitioners, end users.


Save the date! Details will follow on this blog and on our Linkedin profile!